Impress your clients with a Mini

We are used to the convenience of a small thumb drive and the usefulness of its large storage space. What if you could have the same storage space in even smaller package?

Mini USB flash drives do not have the metal housing around the USB connector and the circuit board; therefore allowing for a size of 1 1/4 inch in length and 1/2 inch in width.

The sizes of Mini USB flash drives

The small size works well with small imprint and ultra-thin laptops; the Minis can also fit into tightly placed USB ports on regular laptops.

The small shape of the Mini drives does not compromise on the quality of the case. The same quality metal and plastic parts are utilized for the drive construction as for the regular flash drives. All drives pieces are tightly fitted and well designed; a loop for a key chain or a lanyard is present for optimal usability.

Due to the small size of the drive, the capacity for the mini drive tops out at 8GB. There are expanded 16GB mini drives, however the size will be slightly larger to accommodate additional memory. Even at 8GB the Minis can be utilized for everything from documents and presentations to high definition videos and music.

The size speaks for itself; it in the world of ever smaller electronic devices, impressing your clients with a custom logo Mini USB flash drive can project an image of a modern and forward thinking company. Consider the Minis for your next promotional campaign.


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