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My USB business card fits into my wallet and holds 8GB worth of data! Does yours?

I smile when I recall the exchange of contact information via IR synch with Palm Pilots and Handspring PDAs. The good old business card did not cut it anymore; without a synching PDA you were not in synch with the … Continue reading

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Future of the promotional USB flash drives – Think Fully Custom; Think Silicone

There are many material options when it comes to promoting and marketing with a flash drive. The enormous promotional industry created flash drive cases out of wood, metal, plastic, PVC, and silicone materials. The options are almost limitless. However, PVC … Continue reading

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Relax and Enjoy – Your data is safe with this USB flash drive Vibrator

It is quiet unusual to see the USB flash drive coupled with a vibrator! The Crave team in San Francisco decided to create a vibrator that not only pleases put is in tune with the modern times. We are always … Continue reading

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