Give your employees something useful this year

We all appreciate the small things in life, especially when our company gives a little something as a sign of appreciation on an anniversary or the end of the year. If you are the lucky one who got an iPad, Ferrari,  or the new Fiat 500 – don’t bother reading on! For the rest of us, receiving a $10 gift card for coffee or a discount on Amazon, things are not that exciting.

Even though it does not add excitement to life, a nicely looking USB leather drive or USB pen can be both appreciated and useful. Imagine if you can preload the company personalized flash drive with SOPs, training materials, forms, or presentations and still make it worthwhile for your employee to have.

This great looking 4GB USB pen with preloaded data and printing on both the box and the pen in 4 colors will cost less than $8 each on 1000 item order. That’s the final price with the delivery!

Palladium USB Pen Drive and Gift Box
It looks better in real life than on the picture. Your colleagues and employees will enjoy its looks and awesome 4GB of storage space (less the space for the SOPs of course).

Make it a smart choice this year, you’ll be glad and rewarded that you did.

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