Most Affordable Personalized USB Flash Drives

It’s hard to keep pace with new technology. We hear it every day – by the time you buy a piece of the newest tech, there is already a newer technology being placed on the shelves of the store or storage shelves of Amazon.

When we think of technological progress, we often time think of consumer electronics in the form of laptops, iPads, and newest phones. However, the same rules apply to other electronic components such as memory chips, hard drives, and processors.

Since most of us do not spend a lot of time looking into the prices of flash memory chips or processors, it is natural not to see the same technological trends and price changes.

This year has been especially interesting for the prices of the USB flash drives. The prices have declined substantially to the levels never seen before. As an example of historical price trend of a 4GB MLC flash memory chip, the average price in 2010 was around $6.25; in 2011 the price came down to around $4.25; for the current year, we are looking at the prices in the $2.00 range. Not surprisingly, the other flash memory chip capacities have also followed a similar price downtrend.

4GB Flash Memory Pricing Trend 2010-2012

Since, the price of the USB flash drives heavily depends on the price of flash memory, the price of the drives has decreased significantly as well. It’s easy to impress a client with large personalized USB flash drive, and not spend nearly as much as your clients think.

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