Slap me! These USB Wristbands are Impressive!

Slap and Snap

It’s only natural to call these new USB Wristbands – Slap and Snap! Even though it sounds cheesy, and possibly risque, these wristbands borrow on the invention of the slap wristbands all the way from the 80s and the 90s.

So What?

These bands are practical, functional, hold a ton of data (yes a ton – that’s the technical term for data capacity), and are incredibly easy to put on. Unlike the slap wristbands of the 80’s, it does not come in the leopard print. These are soft and durable silicone rubber, and they have USB flash storage for up to 16GBs. You could only dream of owning one of these in the 90’s.

The Slap Wristband colapses into a single dimension spiral; however can be formed relatively easily into a spring
These 2 Slap Wristbands have been formed to resemble springs. Naturally, they form a tight 2D spiral once released. Notice the buckle that hides the USB drive. The small cap protects the USB connector.

How do they work, again?

The idea behind the slap wristbands is quite simple. A thin piece of curved metal strip is the core of the wristband. When the wristband is in its open state, it is similar to holding shape as does the metal tape measure. However, unlike the tape measure, when the metal piece snaps, the wristband starts to curl (i.e. form into a spiral). So if you decide to slap the wristband on your wrist or ankle, it will snap and then curl around to contour your shape.

Slap USB Wristband snaps and countours your hand
This band has been snapped around an imaginary wrist. In reality, a small piece of double-sided tape is barely holding the wristband in the present shape, before it compresses into a tight spiral

The Super Band

Your common USB wristband needs to be manually closed by pressing the USB connector against the female connector on the other side. Dexterity is required to some degree. Even with the leather wristband that has a magnetic closure to help with connecting the ends; it is still not incredibly easy.

With the slap USB wristband, it’s as easy as Slap and Snap! (Sounds like infomercial talk, ouch!) Infomercial or not; the ease of use of this wristband is truly simple. We’ve wrote about usability and adaptation of the promotional products in previous posts; the simplicity of putting this wristband on and its large imprint area makes this a superior promotional/personalized product.

Charged with potential energy, this Slap USB Wristband is ready for action
In this state, the wristband is straight, and it holds its shape before releasing its potential energy, similarly to a compressed spring

Kids and Adult Sizes

Occasionally, we are asked for different sizes of the USB Wristbands. While it is possible to make them in any size, most kids or youth sizes have to be custom made. With the slap wristband, there is obviously no need to worry about the sizing issue. The wristband will contour to any size wrist or ankle.


It’s easy to see that I’m impressed with these wristbands. Interestingly, I’ve been waiting for sometime before the slap wristbands became available with the USB flash drive. It’s only a natural extension for already a great product.

The wristband material is soft silicone and is comfortable on the wrist; it fits any size with ease, there is a great surface area for logos and/or text, and it’s a flash drive! The Slap USB Wristband is a fantastic product; I recommend it – 5/5 stars.

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