Your Logo in 3D USB Flash Drive Body

Your logo is so 2-dimensional

The logotypes or simply “logos” try to tell the whole story of a company or a brand. If you had a chance to create one, it can be a long and most of the time not overly creative process that occasionally yields fantastic results.

Fantastic or not, the logos are almost always printed on paper with the occasional exclusion of an exposition stand. What if you could take your logo and re-create it beyond the constraints of a 2D piece of paper? What if you could market it as a usable product?

We can take almost any logo and bring it into the 3D world as a USB flash drive!

Custom Shape Logo USB Flash Drive

This particular logo is 4-color molded front and back USB flash drive. It incorporates the artwork and text to create a highly versatile logo USB flash drive.

Custom Logo USB Flash Drive Open Cap

3D is Simply Better

Even with the 3D feel to the logo USB flash drive, we can do better. There are almost no limits to how your logo can be molded. The shapes don’t have to be blocky; they can be curved, rounded, acute, or obtuse. That’s the benefit of playing in the 3-dimensional world.

2-dimensional is so yesterday. It’s time to free your logo from the restraint of paper; it’s time for the 3D logo USB flash drive.

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