Custom Logo Lightning + Micro USB 2-in-1 Retractable Cable

We are excited to introduce a new lineup to our store – Custom Logo Retractable Lightning Connector + micro USB 2-in-1 USB Cables

The compact retractable design as shown below is very convenient on the go. The full reach of the cable when fully extended is just a little over 3ft. The ratchet design allows setting the cable at any length required – very neat and beautiful

Bowtie Promotions Custom Logo USB Lightning + micro USB Cable

The is no need to deal with tangled cables or carry several for connecting your Apple or Android mobile device. The syncing and charging your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile phone can be done all in one cable. This is the most versatile cable for a mobile device – containing all the required connectors in a single compact cable.

The Lightning connector is the primary, while the micro USB connector is nicely tucked away for easy storage. Checkout the closeup of the connectors below

The best thing about these USB cables is that you may customize it with your logo. We’ll silk screen your logo or do a full-printing at no extra charge or any setup charges

The entire area as marked may be printed. If you’re unsure if we can print your logo or want to see how your logo looks on the body of the cable, contact us for a no-obligation preproduction proof.

Share Presentations with OTG USB Flash Drives on Mobile Devices

It’s easy to share with the OTG (On-the-Go) USB flash drives even on mobile devices.  Even though it’s hard to imagine how the USB flash drive fits into a mobile device, the micro USB plug on the OTG USB flash drive offers a very simple explanation.

In addition to the standard USB plug on one end, the micro USB plug fits into most mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Our first OTG device – the Mobile 360 OTG USB flash drive is pictured below. The cap that protects the micro USB plug has been removed and not visible on the photograph.

Mobile 360-Opened Micro USB Reveal

One may ask a question, Why do I need to monkey around with a flash drive when I can easily share any info I want on the Cloud? Well… in order to share the data; one would need to get contact information of a person you would like to share it with. It’s not easy having to spell long email addresses only to misspell them again; just to share a presentation or a few documents. Finally, once the information is shared, the only thing that the client is left with is your shared link and not anything tangible in the client’s hand.

Give your client a presentation loaded OTG USB flash drive that’s branded with your company’s identify. The client can simply plug it into a mobile device or a computer to view your company’s information or store their own data. In any way, it’s much more personal and easy method to share with a client.

Most modern mobile phones and tablets support the OTG protocol, but not all. For example, Apple iPads or iPhones do not support the OTG protocol and thus will not be able to work even with an adapter. The OTG technology is not new; however more devices support the protocol to enable sharing of data or expanding of the mobile capacity easier.

New Addition to Our USB Lanyard Lineup – Slim USB Lanyard Flash Drive

Over the years we’ve seen a quite of few models of USB lanyards. We remained unenthused over practicality of the USB connector or limited branding capabilities. The Slim USB Lanyard offers a nice package of great styling, practicality, and plenty of space for branding and promotional purposes.

Check out the news link for more details Slim Lanyard Personalized USB Flash Drive or visit our website for purchasing info.

Slim Lanyard USB Flash Drive
Slim Lanyard USB Flash Drive