OTG USB Flash Drive for Mobile Sharing and Laser Engraving

Just recently we introduced a new model to our lineup – Mobile 360 OTG USB flash drive with a cap-less standard USB plug and capped micro USB plug on the other end. It’s great for silk-screen printing and occasional subtle laser engraving for your branding needs.

We’re launching a new model – Mobile OTG CS. It has caps on both USB plugs and a color metal jacket for effective laser engraved branding. The photo of the Mobile OTG CS drive without the protective caps is below.

Mobile OTG CS Opened

As a reminder, OTG stands for the On-the-Go specification that supports the connectivity of the USB flash drive to a mobile device such as mobile phones or tablets. Since the mobile device is typically made to act as a storage device when plugged into the USB port; the support for On-the-Go specification enables the mobile phone to act as a host and read the contents of the OTG USB flash drive. Result is being able to expand the capacity of your phone, easily coping data from the flash drive storage on to the mobile device or vice-versa, and easily sharing your branded flash drive with your clients.

Keep in mind that Apple mobile devices do not support the On-the-Go specification and thus will not work with any OTG USB flash drive even with an adapter. However, most modern Android phones do support the OTG specification and may be used with this easy to use device.

We Now Offer Power Bank USB Chargers

After years of sticking to only USB flash drives, we finally made a step to diversify our promotional product offering to the power bank USB chargers.

Our new Cobalt product line of USB power banks comes with a standard Cobalt and a Cobalt Plus power bank USB chargers. Both of these charges come with a standard USB male to micro-USB male cable and a Lightning connector for Apple devices.

The standard Cobalt model offers 2200 mAh of power for a modern type mobile devices such as iPhone 6; whereas the Cobalt Plus model with 3000 mAh can fully charge a larger device such as iPhone 6 Plus.

Check out more information on our Cobalt Power Bank USB Chargers in the news wire or visit our site for purchasing information.

Cobalt Power Bank USB Chargers

You’ll Love this Slide and Store USB Flash Drive

We want functional and easy to use devices. Is it too much to ask? “Easy to use”, they say. “Intuitive!”, they claim. There is nothing easy or intuitive about it when scouring the message boards, blogs, and online help is mandatory for basic setup of almost any modern device.

Simplicity is golden and difficult to achieve. Even after dealing with the USB flash drives for more than a decade, it’s not easy to find a design that is practical, intuitive, and easy to use.

Just like the cap on a pen, flash drives use the cap to protect the USB connector from dust and damage. Similarly to the cap on the pen, the cap on the flash drive always gets lost. No matter how expensive or inexpensive the pen is; the detachable cap will once become permanently separated from the pen not to be found ever again. Fortunately, the flash drives are usually are not as expensive as Montblanc pens; hence the loss of the USB cap can be an uneventful experience.

A smart and practical design of any product needs to be singled out; even celebrated! Just recently added to our line-up is the USB Slider.

Acrobatics of this flash drive are to please
Acrobatics of this flash drive are to please

The design on this flash drive allows the cap to be secured to the USB connector while not in use. Sliding the cap on the side rails reveals the USB connector. The cap then rotates on rails to the back of the drive to be secured away from the USB connector. Simple design that allows secure storage of the cap and protection of the USB connector all in one package – simply ingenious.

Maybe it’s not an advanced device that deserves a trip to a message board for help; nevertheless, even a simple flash drive can deserve praise for practicality and ease of use.