Glowing USB Wristband Flash Drives For Your Party

In the past couple of months, we’ve been getting feedback from our customers that the wristband flash drives have become not as popular this season as they used to be in the past couple of years. It seems that the wristbands are going out of style.

It’s hard to tell if the wristband fashion is truly out of style this year. I keep hearing that the polka dots are back in fashion, and I am puzzled about that possibly being true.  However, if you love the polka dots or not so much, you are bound to find these glowing wristbands pretty cool even in the dark.

Photo taken in the dark to reveal the wristband glowing. It was not easy to take this photo!
Regular photo of the glow-in-the-dark USB Wristband flash drive

Come to think of it, if someone made the dots on a polka dot dress glow in the dark, that would be kind of cool.

I love these wristbands. They are silicone, printable with your logo and text, and they glow in the dark. These features alone are good enough for a fashionable revival. However, the best part is that your logo will be seen in the dark! Oh yes. The glowing material of the wristband is blocked by the ink of the logo print. This effect causes your logo to be darker than the wristband and therefore visible in the glow of the wristband. Awesome!

Unaltered photo taken in the dark
Same USB Wristband as above taken under normal lighting conditions

The USB wristbands come in many colors and are available with up to 16GB of data. It is just a couple of additional reasons why you should consider giving the wristbands one more look. Once you give these a try, you’ll change your mind about the wristbands going out of fashion. With the glowing look, they are back in!