Full Color USB Credit Card Flash Drive For Maximum Effect

A Credit Card or Business Card?

USB flash drives are designed to be small and portable. With the small footprint comes similarly small imprint areas for logos and text. It’s often challenging to effectively display your brand or a slogan to your clients on these useful gadgets.

The credit card USB flash drives take portable to a different dimension. Instead of being just small; they are super thin. Just like a credit card or a business card. No matter what you call it, these cards are super useful for large logos, full color prints, and portability.

Canvas for Maximum Creativity

Want to use the card USB flash drive as a business card? No problem. Print your logo in front, and your contact information either with your logo or on the back of the card. Have a photo that you want to print? We can print full color with full coverage.

Photo of the actual USB flash drive Style Card V2
Photo of the actual USB flash drive Style Card V2

There is no need to look closely to see where the USB flash drive connector is. This model easily flips open to reveal the connector.

Photo of the USB flash drive Style Card V2 with Opened Connector
Photo of the USB flash drive Style Card V2 with Opened Connector

We Provide the Canvas, All You Need to Provide is Creativity

These cards are empty canvases. What you print on them is up to you. No matter what you print on them, one thing is certain. Your clients will be impressed to see your creativity revealed in all its glory. That’s before you mention – It’s also a USB flash drive!

Beauty Always Gets Attention

When it comes to the promotional products, it what’s on the outside that counts! Even though it may sound superficial; a great looking product is pretty super in the eyes of potential clients.

Once it’s in your hands, you realize that it’s a light weight, sturdy pen, with a nice balance, and ergonomic design. When I first tried it, I started to pull on the cap to open the USB flash drive. However, to my surprise, I opened the pen to reveal the ink refill compartment. It’s nice, but where is the drive? The cap needed to be unscrewed to get to the USB flash drive. You can see the thread on the cap in the photo below.

The pen will look fantastic with a lasered logo for a subtle branding; a color silkscreen logo will look incredible as well. We called this model Iridium for the silvery luster on the pen’s finish. If you would like other colors: red, blue, black, etc… It’s available in many colors to suit your needs.

This USB pen looks beautiful, and is sure to attract attention. Try it out at your next Expo to get a few more people interested.

New Summer Trend with USB Sandals 2012

It’s the perfect time to prepare for summer with appropriate gear. Who needs the dull looking flash drives? All they do is remind about the miserable days of cold winter.

Now is the time to switch to the summer gear with enough flash capacity to last the season. Even though you cannot really wear these sandals, it will be a great fit for a laptop.

The design is entirely up to you. Don’t like the flower pattern, we can change it up to any summer appropriate design. Just as simply, a logo or text can be added instead. The sole of the USB sandal can be silk-screened with a custom design for absolute personalization. The sandal straps keep the cap secure, and the key chain keeps the drive handy.

Start the summer right with the cool USB footwear. Even though this particular design will only fit your left foot, I am sure your laptop will not mind. With capacities up to 32GB, you are set to enjoy the summer with style.