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Relax and Enjoy – Your data is safe with this USB flash drive Vibrator

It is quiet unusual to see the USB flash drive coupled with a vibrator! The Crave team in San Francisco decided to create a vibrator that not only pleases put is in tune with the modern times. We are always … Continue reading

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SSD – better performance; How about the reliability?

There has been many articles praising and reviewing high performance of SSDs compared to the old mechanical workhorses of the computer world – the hard disk drive. It has been generally assumed that the SSDs offer not only the performance … Continue reading

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Want a fast computer? SSD is your solution.

As usual, folks at Tomshardware spent considerable time in reviewing various SSDs. It is interesting to see how the SSDs progress in defeating HDDs. However, it is only logical that superior technology and the lack of moving parts creates best … Continue reading

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