Kick Your USB Promotion Into a High Gear

Clean design and easily readable message is the cornerstone of an effective promotional product. Modern style demands not only the clean design from your message (brand), but equally the product you put it on.

Metal is Better

Yes, metal is a must in a modern design – it’s cool to touch, rigid yet smooth, armed with uncompromisingly precise lines and unmatched luster. Even though the digital version of this USB metal card flash drive cannot be touched, you can still appreciate it on your screen.

USB Metal Flash Drive Card Empty Canvas Open

Let’s Kick It Up a Notch

Sometimes the luster of the bare metal does not cut it. Let’s paint a cool logo against all black background on the metal drive; it’ll look awesome! That’s what folks at Blizzard Entertainment thought, and we made it work. The look came out raw and brutal – and that’s how you kick it up a notch!

USB Metal Flash Drive Card Black Open

Keep in mind that the logo and the design are a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment. We are in no way associated with Blizzard Entertainment.

Upgrade Your Promotional USB Flash Drive

In the computer world, upgrading often means adding more functionality, capacity, or speed. The promotional world works slightly different. While the conventional meaning of the upgrade can add value to a promotional item, the right accessory to the USB flash drive can do a lot more.

The USB flash drive has established itself as a great promotional tool through customization, convenience, and functionality. There are hundreds of different models to choose from; not including the items that you can make 100% custom. However, promotion is not all about just slapping a logo on the flash drive, mug, or a t-shirt. I think many would agree that it’s about building and maintaining your brand.

Your business spends enormous amounts of money into associating your brand with values of quality, excellence, dependability, creativity, and cutting-edge. Your services and products are designed to speak the language of these incredible values; your marketing products must absolutely do the same.

A promotional product is often neglected as a simple giveaway. It’s just something that you have to have on your table because the guy next to you offers a similar product. The idea in one’s mind is that it has to be as cheap as possible – I’ll be giving these away anyway! Wait one second. What happened to all of those values that you’ve spent building into your brand?

It’s important to continue treating every product that is offered or given away as a company’s product. Every item represents your company. The cheapest pen that will break in a day, a t-shirt that cannot hold after a single wash, and a flash drive that stops working after a week just will not do.

While a single promotional product will not necessarily win any customer in a single event. With a right approach, it  will continue building your brand.

Many customers who purchase the USB flash drives tend to go with the most economical solution. It is quite understandable, especially in the current economic times. There seems to be a single focus that the value of the promotional USB flash drive is primarily in capacity, and not in the presentability of the item. While I do agree that capacity is quite important, I also think that the accessories are as important or possibly more important than the capacity.

When the promotional item is properly accessorized, it is upgraded in a way that no capacity or speed can upgrade. The item feels, looks, and speaks thoughtfulness, design, uniqueness, and style. An accessory can help your promotional item speak on many different levels and reach farther than an item alone.

One of the most effective methods to upgrade (accessorize) your promotional drive is a stylish gift box. It has to be stylish and quality made, and most importantly display your promotional item as you would crown jewels, and engagement ring, or an expensive gold pen.

These gift boxes add significant value to your promotional USB flash drive. Not only do they present your item with style, they also make your brand stand out, and be immediately recognizable.

While it is possible to present each drive in a simple clear plastic bag, the frugality of the bag does not speak the language of your brand, bar a dollar store. Right presentation is an effective investment – it may be more important than the product that is being presented. Make sure your promotional products speak the same language as the rest of your business. Upgrading your promotional USB flash drive is not an option, it is a necessity.