My USB business card fits into my wallet and holds 8GB worth of data! Does yours?

I smile when I recall the exchange of contact information via IR synch with Palm Pilots and Handspring PDAs. The good old business card did not cut it anymore; without a synching PDA you were not in synch with the progressive and technologically savvy professionals.

Even though it may have looked silly, it was a handy feature that enabled a speedy exchange of contact information. Rather than rely on manual methods for storing or inputting the data into the device, now it can be done in a snap. Come to think of it, our extremely powerful smartphones lack that kind of simple feature.

Interestingly, the PDA revolution did not really eliminate or significantly diminish the paper business card. Quite the opposite; the PDAs caused the business card market to offer increasingly luxurious and unique print business cards. It remains true that a great looking card can impress and can make your introduction much more effective.

Naturally, we need a way to combine a business card with the ability to store data in it for the promotional purposes. When an introduction is made, one should be able to provide contact information along with catalogs, presentations, forms, music, videos, or anything else digital. “Impossible!” you say? Oh.. it is possible and there are numerous options available.

The USB business card fits into your standard wallet and is the size of two credit cards put together. Take a look here:

This is only a single model of the USB card with a rotating USB connector. It can hold anywhere from 64MB to 16GB. Full color printing and silk screen printing methods can be used as well as full coverage printing to cover the entire card (front and back).  Metal alloy cards of the business card size are also available, and are super cool for creating the ultimate impression. If you care to check out more models and details, check out our website.

The USB card is compact, and with an easy flip can connect to a computer’s USB port. Print all your business relevant information front and back, and load it with any data you want your clients to see. You will not only impress on introduction, your potential and current clients will continue using it for accessing your data and storing theirs.


Future of the promotional USB flash drives – Think Fully Custom; Think Silicone

There are many material options when it comes to promoting and marketing with a flash drive. The enormous promotional industry created flash drive cases out of wood, metal, plastic, PVC, and silicone materials. The options are almost limitless. However, PVC and silicone materials offer the ability to remove all limits.

Creating your own shape has been out of reach for most companies. The cost for making a single mold was in the thousands! The procedure of creating a positive and then a metal alloy negative or precision machining the mold can be costly.

The globalization of the economy and massive production shift to China as well as other low-labor cost countries has created a unique opportunity for any company to use custom shapes almost as easily as creating a new logo for your business cards.

Relatively simple shapes with up to 2 colors can be obtained for a mold fee of $250. If your shape is complex with a delicate design, expect to pay up to $700. One way or another, the cost for ordering 1000 custom flash drives for your marketing or promotional campaign will increase by a meager $0.25 to $0.70 per drive. Putting it in a more practical perspective, a flash drive with a shape of your logo, mascot, flag, car, boat, produce,  or anything else you can image in a highly usable 4GB capacity will run you around $8 per piece. Want it even less; get highly used promotional capacity of 1GB for $6 per piece.

Check out our store for some great ideas. Keep in mind that you are not limited by the designs on our webpage. Your custom design can be implemented just as easily and still for a low cost!

It is time to shift to a higher gear to custom PVC or silicone USB flash drives. Your own design, colors, and printed logo will surely leave your competitors in the dust.