Lanyard safety

Whether it is a simple lanyard for your keys or a name badge or a USB lanyard, consider safety when using the lanyard as your promotional product.

The lanyards are a great promotional tool with a large printing area and great use factor.  The lanyard is very popular to promote school slogans or company taglines, and when a flash drive is integrated into the lanyard, it makes it a useful tool for everyday computing.

The lanyard is made of a very strong nylon strap that can provide years of use, however the same strength can be a potential safety risk.  It would be wise to consider a safety clasp on the lanyard that is released when sufficient force is applied on the lanyard.  The plastic clasp will release the hold of the nylon strap when there is a large enough force applied to it, therefore releasing the hold on one’s neck.

When choosing a lanyard product for your  promotional needs, consider a safety clasp based on your target clientele.