Efficiency of your promotional product

It is that time again for presenting your product or service at a convention, fair, show or any other venue.  What product should you choose for give-aways or promotional merchandise?

The obvious true and tried choices that always come to mind are imprinted pens, t-shirts, mugs, wristbands, key chains, lanyards, small notepads, and those weird novelty items that make little sense after a short while.

So what is the best choice the produces the best result for your marketing dollar? One has to think of the product usefulness: The longer your potential client hangs to the item with your brand printed on it, the longer your promotional item pays off. If you stick with this simple idea, your marketing dollars will be put to much better use.

Such items as pens, t-shirts, wristbands, and mugs have a much higher chance of seeing a substantial amount of use, and in turn your brand visibility. Many companies choose to stay with these good choices consistently and in some cases over several decades.  However, not many companies realize that even a higher efficiency promotional product exists that can offer much more than a conventional choice.

USB flash drives offer both the usefulness and attractiveness in the modern times. The drives have a great staying power with your potential client by staying close to the most often used electronic device – the computer. With various capacities fulfilling the need from storing basic documents to storing large libraries of music and videos, the USB flash drive will carry your brand anywhere your potential client will go.

We cannot leave out the cost of your promotional product out of the promotional product efficiency. The USB flash drives will drive up a higher cost in comparison to pens, t-shirts, and other conventional promotional items. However, if the product staying power is considered, one can understand that the extra cost of the USB flash drive is justified by potentially substantially larger staying power.

The ability of the USB flash drive to work with a laptop or a computer, and its ability of substantial staying power with your potential client, make it one of the best choices as a promotional product.