Cost of promoting with USB flash drives

There are numerous sites that sell USB flash drives for the promotional market. You don’t have to look closely to notice that all of them guarantee the lowest price. Another gimmick is to use a certain percentage by which a store will beat the competitor’s price. These are fancy marketing tools that are utilized to instill a level of confidence in the client; however is there any substance behind the “hype”?

Product marketing is a game of dollars; a company that can use large marketing dollars most effectively usually wins the largest market share and sells the most product. However, many promotional product purchasers neglect a simple fact of economics – a company that spends large amount of dollars on marketing, hiring staff, and other significant day-to-day expenses must get it back somehow.

How do companies recover the operational costs? In the promotional product world, that means raising the price of the product. Do you feel like an economics detective? Go to any large promotional product website and compare the prices of these large stores to a site such as ours. You will be surprised at a price difference.

Recalling an actual customer conversation, I was told that our prices are so low in comparison to other promotional site that it was scary! Unfortunately, the customer was referring to to an uneasy feeling about purchasing the same product, but for a significantly lower price.

A very low price may actually frighten customers into not buying the product.  People may naturally feel that a low price means low quality product or inferior service. In order to dispell this belief, a company may actually need to start a marketing campaign that lets everyone know that these prices are factory direct, wholesale, or without a middleman. The marketing campaing will in-turn raise the operational costs, and ultematey raise the price. Now the circle is complete!

Believe it or not, we like to keep it simple. Being a small company, we sell quality products at very low prices. The product comes directly from one of our contracted factories, and we pass the savings to you. Everything is checked for quality before it’s shipped and we are always here to help and follow-up with you.

Don’t be fooled by slogans, gimmicks, and hype. Do a straight price comparison; contact the seller to ensure that price checks-out by asking to generate an official quotation. Spend a few minutes to do research; it may pay back in thousands!