Beautiful Monarch Butterfly USB Drive

Monarch butterflies are indeed beautiful. Apparently, they are very popular as well. We simply would like to share the simple beauty of these USB drives with you. Enjoy.

In case you are wondering, the top wing is fully detachable so that you can plug the drive in your computer. Like the drive? Let us make a custom drive for you! Any shape you like; all you need is an idea, photo, or a drawing.

Spring has sprung for Custom USB flash drives

The spring has sprung and so has the imagination of our customers. The monarch butterfly is a beautiful specimen of nature; and its distinctive look works well with the health care provider that bears its name.

From this simple image:


Came out this great looking USB flash drive:

Bowtie Promotions Monarch Butterfly Custom USB flash drive

First a custom mold model was made in the CAD software. The custom butterfly mold was then created from the 3D model. Finally, the plastic material was extruded and molded into the butterfly mold. The drive is not painted. Three colored plastics were used: Black, Orange, and White. The drive can be equipped with up to 32GB worth of data.

Have a custom shape in mind? Give us a try and see your results flourish!