Introduction: Who we are – Bowtie Promotions

We started our business in 2008 with an idea to offer great looking flash drives with quality to match. Our business model is based on personal service and attention while keeping the costs down to the minimum. It is this combination of having the focus on quality, understanding the importance of customer service, keeping the costs down and passing the savings to the customer, and finally delivering your order on time makes us best positioned to serving your promotional needs.

Quality. Everyone has noticed by now that almost all electronics are made in China. Over time, the quality of Chinese goods has increased dramatically with the Chinese manufacturing adhering to International standards, and the US as well as European markets demanding better quality. The factories in China now get regular audits from various Quality agencies to ensure that the quality procedures are in place and that they are followed.

However, the are always methods to cut corners and to manufacture subpar flash memory, memory controllers,  or plastics, and utilize inferior printing methods that deliver less that satisfactory results. Cutting corners leads to cheaper prices, however leaves the end-user with unsatisfying experience and possible association of the low quality merchandise with the company who tried to promote with it. We sometimes forget that even if the promotional item is used as a give-away, the quality of the product speaks loudly for your company; your name is printed right on it!

Customer service and where is my order?! Working closely with customers and manufacturers provides us with the ability to know the status of your order at every phase of the process. From helping you with you logo or a custom shape and estimating your delivery time to rushing the order to you using all means necessary when your priorities change; we are very flexible to satisfy your needs.

We can work with your artwork by helping out with the design elements or making it from scratch. If you need a logo or artwork designed, we can utilize a very creative and economical graphical design company who can work with you to exceed your expectations. In case sizing or minor adjustments are required, it is on the house.

If custom shape drive is what you require. Our services include working with our specifications and CAD files, creating a custom mold for your USB flash drive, and delivering the product to you in a vast array of packaging options. Silicone or PVC material can be used for creating the custom shapes. Color printing is always available to brand your merchandise on the packaging and the USB flash drives as well.

Did you realize that you have to have your order faster? No problem.  We have many expedited shipping methods to fit your needs. If same day service can be offered, we will in turn offer it to you. One thing is for certain, we will do everything possible to deliver your order to you on time.

We pride ourselves on offering quality merchandise to satisfy your USB flash drive promotional needs. We specialize in USB flash drives to offer great quality, customer service, and on-time delivery. Check out or store, drop us a line or give us a call to discover what we can do for you.


USB Wristbands – The wave of the future

Even though the USB Wristbands are nothing new, the new practical and stylish shapes are hitting the promotional market. The wristbands offer the biggest bang for the marketing buck with the convenience factor as well as large printing areas.

The wristbands are made from the silicone material and can be made in any color or shape.  Custom made wristbands can be sized to any wrist and various designs can be integrated into the wristband for the maximum visual effect.

If it is necessary to go with a full blown presentation, the wristbands can be placed in a rectangular tin gift box with a see through window.  Finally, the gift box can be color printed or laser engraved for the maximum brand or company name visibility.

Don’t need to go all out or just operating on a more economical budget? The  wristbands can be easily placed into a color printable, heavy-stock, printable paper box or a see through small sealed plastic bag.

In this day and age, everyone is using a computer or a laptop. The regular wristband stops being practical in a matter of seconds. The USB flash drive wristband will stay with your potential customer or client much longer! The USB wristband has tons of practical use for storing data files, music file and/or videos; and the best part is that the USB wristband can be pre-loaded with your company/brand name presentations or visual material. Every time your USB wristband is used, your company/brand name is clearly visible on the wristband and when plugged into the computer the presentations are clearly visible on the flash drive. That’s the best promotional coverage on any product!

There are numerous choices to go about the promotional USB wristbands. They offer great flexibility and promotional coverage in and out. Spend your promotional budget wisely – get a USB flash drive wristband.