Environmentally friendly USB flash drives for your next promotion

Nature and ecology are not necessarily the two first things that come to mind when you need to purchase an inexpensive promotional USB item. It is equally true that the environmentally friendly options are usually are not the cheapest. However, when one needs to make a certain statement about personal or company values, the best choice is to lead by example.

These simple, but very functional paper USB flash drives are color and hot-stamp printable. They are made from recycled paper, very sturdy, and of high quality. Obviously, the drive also contains metal parts and limited amount of plastic parts. Check it out for yourself.

The rectangular drive has the least amount of plastic as it does not require reinforcement ring at the top of the drive. However, the round drive is sturdier and will last longer in the customer’s hands.

Choosing rectangular or round model is a matter of preference and usability. Going with an environmentally friendly drive makes a statement which any customer can appreciate.


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