Pre-loading your USB flash drive to start-up on plug-in

It is a good idea to start up a program or presentation once your customer plugs-in the flash drive into a computer or a laptop. The simple functionality of displaying your brand or company information can be rewarding; however there is a significant downside.

It can be interesting and appealing to see your presentation a couple of times; however seeing the presentation every time you plug-in the flash drive into the computer can become increasingly annoying. Do not forget that the start-up will occur each time the drive is plugged in. After a while your company or brand may not be associated with a great feeling, but with a complete nuisance and bother.

Since the automatic start-up functionality can be easily abused by virus makers and malware, many operating systems include the functionality to deactivate the automatic start-up feature. Therefore, the program that you planned to start automatically on the customer’s computer will most likely not start.

While it may seem as a good idea to start-up your presentation or a program automatically, in practice it is not worth the time. Even if the start-up functionality is set to work on your customer’s computer, the automatic nature of your content can be very annoying or bothersome instead of useful or entertaining.

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